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Watch the following modules/videos:

Introduction Module

Module 1: Networks


  • Go and join Click bank if you don’t already have an account. If you do, then use the cheat sheet in Module 1 to apply to at least 1 CPA network (I recommend MAX Bounty). That’s all for day 1, see, this is easy


Watch the following modules/videos:•

Module 2: Offers (watch all videos)
Module 3: Buyers Persona
Module 4: Prospecting Content


  • Use Clickbank or the CPA network you’ve joined to find 1 product that fits the criteria I showed you in the video.
  • Use the cheat sheet in the module resources to make sure it meets all the requirements of a great EVOLUTION offer.
  • Complete the Buyers Persona template located in Module 3 to create the profile for the kind of person that will buy your product.
  • Find a piece of prospecting content that fits with your buyer persona, using either a blog post or a YouTube video.


Watch the following modules/videos:

Module 5: Traffic (watch all 4 videos)


  • Create your EVOLUTION Link using Click magick
  • Post your Click magick link in at least 3 places using the free traffic sources. Post your link at least 20 times in each traffic source you choose!
  • [OPTIONAL] Create a paid traffic FB campaign sending traffic to your prospecting content for $5
  • Day 3 is done ! Great job ! It’s getting a little tougher but you got this!


Watch the following modules/videos:

Module 6: Sales Ads (watch all 4 videos)


  • Download your sales video from the salespage
  • Create your Facebook sales ad following instructions in the video
  • Start your ad using a $5 budget Day 4 is done! Great job! It’s getting a little tougher but you got this!


Nothing to watch during this day, make sure to keep a close eye on your FB Sales Ad!

  • If you’ve made sales–GREAT! –Head over to the FACEBOOK GROUP and tell everyone about your success!
  • If you haven’t made sales, also head over to the FACEBOOK GROUP and post some screenshots and ask questions to find out why you haven’t made anything yet.

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